Corporate Partnership

The NABA Greensboro desires to create long-lasting mutual beneficial partnerships with corporate entities. Corporations are given the opportunity to sponsor many of our national, regional, and local career development programs while gaining many value-added benefits.

Corporate Partnership with the NABA Greensboro Chapter presents an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to an informed and affluent consumer base, attend dynamic technical sessions that develop core competencies, and interview diversified candidates that can enhance performance and global growth. The NABA Greensboro Chapter launched its Corporate Partnership Program in March 2015 to fulfill the mission of the NABA Greensboro Chapter by creating a WIN/WIN relationship between our professional, student chapter and corporate partners.

Partnering with NABA Greensboro Chapter positions our corporate partners as a responsible corporate leader and provides brand positioning with an affluent, informed segment of the minority community.

Take the next step and review our fiscal year 2016 partnership guide:


2016 Partnership Guide

Why Partner with Us?

The Greensboro Chapter truly appreciates the continuous support of our corporate partners.  We value those great relationships that we have worked very hard to establish.  Being a NABA Greensboro Chapter corporate partner holds considerable value; here are some of the key benefits:

  •         Fulfill your commitment to diversity.
  •         Exclusive access to a motivated talent base in Finance and Accounting.
  •         Opportunities to give back to local communities.
  •         Opportunities to network with elite business professionals.
  •         Opportunity to expand brand, and showcase your products and services in untapped markets.
  •         Speaking opportunities during chapter meetings, Southern Region Student Conferences, or Accounting   Careerr Awareness Programs etc…
  •         Recognition on our websites, newsletters and other publication

If you have any questions email Tandra Redd, NABA Greensboro Corporate Partnership Director at