Women of NABA Brunch

The Inaugural Women of NABA Brunch this past October was remarkable and an event to remember. NABA Greensboro would like to personally thank DHG for partnering with the chapter and Jeannine K. Brown for being an outstanding keynote speaker. The six principles given by Jeannine K. Brown empowered women and men to take steps to “Shatter the Glass Ceiling”.  

Jeannine K. Brown shared the following six principles:

  1. Position Yourself for the Future
  2. Stop asking for Permission
  3. Leverage Skills: Take on Roles You’re not Ready for
  4. Communicate your Value
  5. Master Negotiation
  6. Women Must Ensure the Success of Other Women

Those in attendance left the event empowered and motivated to take their career and dreams to the next level. Please watch the attached video link of the Women of NABA Brunch: