In today’s workplace there is an increasing demand for collaborative and team-focused leaders at all levels. The Influential Ten Leadership Development Program (ITLDP) educates and empowers participants to develop and implement practical approaches to enhance their influence capabilities and steer commitment towards a common goal to achieve results. This rigorous ten-month program combines the academic study of Situational Leadership® and Leading With DiSC® with real-world experiences for participants to practice skills and learn by doing.

Features of the ITLDP include instruction, coursework, job shadowing, networking design, relationship building, knowledge sharing, service learning, and seasonal unpaid internships to equip participants with fundamental influential leadership skills.

Key Objectives

  • Accelerate the development of participants with exclusive and challenging experiences 

  • Provide experiential learning that compliments and reinforces Situational Leadership® competencies 

  • Enhance the visibility of participants to enable continual growth and strength of their networks 

  • Develop effective, authentic leaders who use diverse approaches in diverse situations to influence change 




  • Job Shadowing

  • Networking Design

  • Service Learning

  • Seasonal Unpaid Internships



  • Knowledge Sharing “Sip & Tea’s”

  • Relationship Building



  • Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders

  • Leading With DiSC®

  • Levering Your Power to Influence